Hello, I'm a software developer based in Nairobi.

I work with Java, Python, Kotlin, Dart, MySQL, Postgres and different frameworks in my projects. Feel free to bookmark my portfolio site to keep an eye on my projects.


I'm a student of Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) pursuing B.Sc. Computer Technology


To be effective to work within a dynamic, challenging and rewarding software company that will give me an opportunity to utilize my acquired skills, apply my academic knowledge and learn more through experience


  1. Software Systems
  2. Web Dev
  3. Mobile Apps

Software systems

Library Management System

A library management system software developed with Java, MySQL. Covers all functionalities of a library setup to computerized and bring efficiency.

Web Dev

Refferal System

An online referral website that allows users to earn from referring others to the site.

Smart Shop

An online shopping site developed in python django and django rest framework for api.

Mobile Apps

Music Player

Music player mobile application with a nice user interface for a better user experience.


P.O.Box 62000 - 00200,


  • Programming Languages: C, Kotlin, Java, Python, Dart.
  • Web development: Django, Django rest, JavaScript.
  • Database management: MySQL,Postgres,Sqlite
  • Operating systems - Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Cloud technologies - Azure and AWS
  • CI/CD - Circle CI and Jenkins.

Download CV

Binary Search - Kotlin

fun  Array.binarySearch(
    element: T,
    comparator: Comparator,
    fromIndex: Int = 0,
    toIndex: Int = size
): Int